Medupi & Kusile Power Stations, SA

Feedwater Heaters

Requirement:  Design, Material Supply, Fabrication & Delivery of 84 HP & LP Feedwater Heaters

Solution Provided: 24 High Pressure Header Type for each Power Station 18 Low Pressure u-tube type for each Power Station

Benefit: Optimized Operational Efficiency & Reliability

Pulse Jet Fabric Filters

Requirement: 6 Pulse Jet Fabric Filters per power station for cleaning of flue gas emissions to meet environmental regulations

Solution Provided: Experienced German engineering team designed a 28 cell unit for each boiler train allowing for convenient online maintenance per cell High local content in manufacturing and erection Knowledge transfer of new technology and local skills development

Benefit: World class technology in design, engineering, manufacturing and installation Meets environmental legislation Development of skilled teams for future business as well as plant maintenance

Gas Air Heaters

Requirement: Design, engineering and fabrication of 960 ton quarter sector air heaters (50% duty)

Solution Provided: State of the art technology designed by experienced German engineers Two gas air heaters per boiler train High local manufacturing content

Benefit: Increased efficiency and higher availability Single local point contact for package supply

Steam Air Heaters

Requirement: 6 air cooled condensers for Kusile Power Plant consisting of 64 cells each

Solution Provided: 6 air cooled condensers for Kusile Power Plant consisting of 64 cells each

Benefit: Long term mechanical and thermal integrity, excellent corrosion and freeze resistance, low fan power consumption, reliable operation and low maintenance

Air Cooled Condensers

Requirement: Design, engineering & fabrication of steam air heaters for Kusile& Medupi Power Plants

Solution Provided: Multi row design for optimal steam usage in different start up modes Bypass dampers to minimize full load pressure drop Low fouling tube design for minimal long term maintenance

Benefit: Increased efficiency on boiler start up