State of the Art Facility

Our manufacturing facility, located south-east of Johannesburg in Vorsterskroon and close to key power generation and refinery locations, comprises over 38,000 square meters of covered workshops and stores on a 105,000 square meter site. The facility consists of five workshops each highly specialised in their output. Phased infrastructure and equipment upgrades have enabled DB Thermal to compete both locally and internationally for the manufacturing of components and equipment to the industries we service.

In addition to employment opportunities and skills development programmes for staff based at Nigel works, DB Thermal sincerely gives back to the local community as a benefactor to Nigel Secondary School with annual sponsorship and donations for academic and sporting development.

Facility Statistics

  • Total area under crane 38,000m²
  • Single max overhead load of 120T
  • Hydraulic lifting of loads up to 250T
  • 2 Gas Fired Furnaces
  • Access to Super Load Route to Richards Bay, Secunda & Mpumalanga sites

Nigel Workshops

Shop 1

Manufacturing Capabilities
10 000m2 capable of 100t overhead lift

Boiler pressure parts :

  • Inner bore welding & outer bore welding
  • CNC milling, boring and bending
  • Water Vessels
  • Shot blasting / Paint facilities
  • Automatic seamless welding equipment

Shop 2

Manufacturing Capabilities

  • 6600m2 with 40 ton overhead lifting capacity
  • Air Cooled Condenser Bundle Manufacturing
  • Fin tube production plant x 13
  • 3, 4 and 5mm pitch variations
  • 15m Galvanizing facility
  • Assembly bay type C and D bundles

Shop 3

Manufacturing Capabilities

  • High & Low Pressure Feed Water heaters
  • Process Super Heaters
  • Condensers
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Process Columns
  • Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

Shop Infrastructure

  • Max Overhead Lift 120t
  • Hydraulic Handling up to 250t
  • Gas Fired Heat Treatment Furnace:
    22.5m x 7.3m x 8.1m

Shop 4

Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Carbon steel plate rolling capability up to 105mm
  • CNC plasma cutting – 3D High definition:
    Automated part punch marking
    Computerized plate nesting
    Part and welding preparation

Shop 5

Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Total Area 10 200m2
  • Automated endless tube welding & shot blasting
  • Boiler spiral walls
  • Boiler transition components
  • Boiler wall bending rolls