Majuba Power Station, SA

Turbine Integral Piping

Requirement: Turbine island equipment, HP, MP and CP piping design, supply, fabrication and installation

Solution Provided: Turnkey design, supply, manufacture and installation

Benefit: Safety, to the required quality and delivered on time, within budget

Turnkey Cold End Wet Cooling System

Indirect Cooling System

Requirement: Construction of complete Indirect Cooling System

Solution Provided: Successful coordination of large, complex and multi-disciplined project

Benefit: Delivered on time, within budget. Reduced water consumption < 1 litre/KW generated

Modular Condensers

Requirement: Installation of 6 Modular Condensers on Units 4-6

Solution Provided: Design tailor-made modules pre-fabricated at our Nigel Works for installation in restricted access environment

Pre planning rigging studies to ensure safest and fastest construction on site

Benefit: Rapid installation of shop built modular units